Merz Aesthetics to showcase new data at 19th Aesthetics & Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress 2021

Data presentations provide key updates on the portfolio, including Botulinum Toxin, Belotero®, Radiesse®, and Ultherapy®

Merz Aesthetics today confirmed its commitment as a global leader in medical aesthetics at the 19th Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress (AMWC), with the presentation of data from its medical aesthetics portfolio and a clear focus on addressing the aesthetic needs of a diverse society. AMWC 2021, held from Thursday, September 16 to Saturday, 18 September 2021, will take place in a hybrid format, enabling participants to attend the conference in person in Monaco and/or virtually. Merz Aesthetics is an elite sponsor of the global industry congress.

“As we move into a new era of aesthetic medicine, this year’s AMWC provides an invaluable platform to reunite with colleagues, renew knowledge and exchange ideas to drive scientific advancements in our field,” said Frank Brandt-Pollmann, President EMEA, Merz Aesthetics. “We are committed to continue supporting our partners and the aesthetics community by fueling confidence and empowering unique attitudes in aesthetics.”

Coming together in a live congress setting after more than a year, Merz Aesthetics is celebrating and embracing the diversified and unique needs of aesthetic patients and practitioners, recognizing the personal journey for each patient and partnering with experts to meet those needs. Providing tailored support to practitioners with the joined aim to move away from standardized perfection strengthening confidence in patients’ individual beauty and embracing a positive attitude towards themselves.

Merz Aesthetics is sponsoring a symposium event led by esteemed medical aesthetic experts and presenting new data throughout the course of the meeting.

Symposium Event

“#Beautification – Embracing #Uniqueness: Advanced filler strategies for the needs of a diverse society”, to be held on Friday, September 17, 14:00h – 16:00h CET. The session will introduce two self-confident individuals who have defined their unique concepts of beauty, and will undergo comprehensive assessment and treatment to reflect their personalities and attitudes. They will explore their beauty journey with three world renowned aesthetic experts:

  • Professor Yana A Yutskovskaya – Dermatologist, Russia
  • Dr. Jani van Loghem – Aesthetic Physician, The Netherlands
  • Dr Tatjana Pavicic – Dermatologist, Germany

The speakers will be joined virtually by our young experts:

  • Dr. Cleo Edwards – Aesthetic Physician, The Netherlands
  • Dr. Slim Halouani – Dermatologist, Tunisia
  • Dr. Stefania Guida – Dermatologist, Italy

Oral Presentations

Dr. Martina Kerscher: ‘Skin Quality: Definition, Clinical Criteria and Treatment Approaches with Injectables’ (Skin Quality: Key for Facial Attractiveness Session); Thursday, 16 September, 9:30 AM, Prince Pierre & AMWC Stream 2*

Dr. Kate Goldie: ‘New Concepts in Skin Quality’ (Skin Quality: Key for Facial Attractiveness Session); Thursday, 16 September, 9:30 AM, Prince Pierre & AMWC Stream 2*

Dr. Carla Pecora: ‘Calcium Hydroxyapatite Combined with Neurotoxin Injection for the Improvement of Jawline Contouring and Neck’ (Lower Third & The Therapeutic Enigma “THE JOWLS” Session)
Thursday, 16 September 2:00 PM, Salle des Princes & Stream 1

Dr. Carla Pecora: ‘Assessment and individualized neurotoxin injection for the treatment of the upper face wrinkles of five pairs of identical twins: Might they have the same needs?’ (Botulinum Toxin: Best Practices 2021 Session); Friday, 17 September 4:30 PM, Prince Pierre & AMWC Stream 2*

Dr. Kate Goldie: ‘Perception Drift’ (Appearance – Beauty Perception – Attractiveness Session); Saturday, 18 September, 9:00 AM, Camille Blanc & Stream 3*

Virtual E-Poster Presentations

Virtual posters will be available for viewing for the duration of the congress and displayed on the virtual E-poster platform with detailed abstracts.

Botulinum Toxin

  • IncobotulinumtoxinA Demonstrates Safety and Prolonged Duration of Effect in a Dose-Ranging Study for Glabellar Lines. Martina Kerscher, MD – Germany, Sabrina Fabi, MD – USA, Tanja Fischer, MD PhD – Germany, Michael Gold, MD – USA, John Joseph, MD – USA, Welf Prager, MD – Germany, Berthold Rzany, MD ScM – Germany, Steve Yoelin, MD – USA, Susanna Roll, Dr. med – Germany, Gudrun Klein, PhD – Germany, Corey Maas, MD PhD – USA.

Belotero® and Portfolio

  • Skin Quality – A Holistic 360° View: Consensus Results. Kate Goldie, MD – UK, Martina Kerscher, MD – Germany, Sabrina Fabi, MD – USA, Cyro Hirano, MD – Brazil, Marina Landau, MD – Israel, Ting Song Lim, MD – Malaysia, Heather Woolery-Lloyd, MD – USA, Kavita Mariwalla, MD – USA, Je- Young Park, MD – Korea, Yana Yutskovskaya, MD – Russia


  • Effectiveness and Safety of Calcium Hydroxylapatite with Lidocaine for Improving Jawline Contour. Amir Moradi, MD – USA, Jeremy B Green, MD – USA, Joel L. Cohen, MD – USA, John H. Joseph, MD – USA, Rada Dakovic, PhD – Germany, Gemma Odena, PhD – USA.


  • Microfocused Ultrasound with Visualization: Consensus on Safety. Tatjana Pavicic, MD, PhD, – Germany, John R. Ballard, PhD, – USA, Tatiana Bykovskaya, MD – Russia, Niamh Corduff, FRACS – Australia, Cyro Hirano, MD – Brazil, Je-Young Park, MD – Korea, Alena Saromytskaya, MD – Russia, Julia Sevi, MD – UK, Suyan Vasconcelos, MD – Brazil.

*Merz-supported Investigator Initiated Trial

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